Thursday, October 27, 2011

Twitter: How It Is Used by Businesses

Businesses cannot survive without their customers. So constantly these businesses find ways to improve their products and services just to please their customers. They have used all sorts of media to be able to do this. And now because of the boom of Twitter in the World Wide Web, businesses can use Twitter as a means of connecting to their customers.

How can businesses use Twitter as means of getting customers?

First is you need to open a Twitter account. Once you have one, follow people who have great influence in the Twitter world. You may also follow groups in Twitter as well. Make comments on other people posts so that potential customers will see you. One tip also is to follow celebrities since they have a lot of followers. You may ask them to follow you back as well, since their fans tend to follow the pages their favorite stars are following.

How can Twitter help businesses?

There are a lot of people who does not complain directly to the company involved but complain it to the world. That is very bad for business. Twitter can help you in this aspect. What you can do is to search your company's name or your product's name, and you will see the tweets regarding it. You respond right away assuring them and letting them know that you will attend to their concerns right away.

You may also make comments of people who have tweeted something good about the product that you have or any services that you offer. Let your customers know that you appreciate them. You may as well do business with these customers. You may hire them and tweet about your products most of the time, this way their followers will be able to read them and you might attract potential customers as well.

Aside from that, Twitter will give you a way to personally be in touch with your customers. This is your chance to build relationships with them. It lessens that gap between you and your customers. It also promotes trust.

The World Wide Web offers a lot of businesses with websites like Twitter and gives them a chance to improve their services and be one step closer to their customers. This way, there is more intimate contact between the service providers and customers and this way friendly competitions among competitors are build.

At first people think that using Twitter and other social networking sites are merely for fun and for building relationships. There were mainly made for that purpose as well. But due to some need and as well as innovation, a lot of things have been connected and discovered regarding these sites.

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